Computer Shortcuts You Should Be Using Today (for Windows 10)

Computer Shortcuts You Should Be Using Today (for Windows 10)

Are you ever envious of your desk neighbor knowing all of the keyboard shortcuts or Windows computer hacks? Well 2018 can be the year you take your shortcuts to the next level. Starting right now, I’ll give you over 10 tricks to boost your productivity helping to make you your most efficient self in the New Year.

1) Don’t waste your time trying to search through folders for what you need. Type in the Application or the File Name you are looking for into the Cortana Search Bar.

Cortana Search Bar

2) Use the Snipping Tool to easily take a screenshot of the portion of your screen you need. You can find this tool under Start > All Programs > Windows Accessories > Snipping Tool, or type in “Snipping Tool” to the Cortana Search Bar (see Tip #1). For a full list of options to take screenshots, visit cnet.

3) Keyboard shortcut Window key + Arrow keys moves your open window to a side of the screen or minimizes/maximizes it. For example, hitting Window key + Left Arrow key at the same time when you are in a window, moves that window to the left side of the screen. This comes in handy when you want two windows side by side.

4) Add a folder to your Toolbar for easy access by right clicking on the Toolbar > Toolbars > New Toolbar > Click on the folder you want to save > Select Folder. For example, I have pinned my Google Drive folder here.

Customizing your Toolbar

5) Customize your Start Menu

- Resize the menu by clicking and dragging the corners (make it as small or big as you want)

- Drag and drop the app icons to put what you need most on top

- Right click on any of the tiles to edit

Start Menu Customization

6-11) Keyboard Shortcuts

enter image description here

Looking for more shortcuts? Checkout Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts here.

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