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Why use Wolf Flow?

Unlike your average project management software, Wolf allows you to save the necessary resources (i.e. windows or applications) for each task, client, or project to a "Session". This way if you are interrupted or need to move between projects quickly, you can easily return to the task you were working on in the exact same state that you left it.
No more needing to sort through every window trying to find what you need and getting distracted along the way. Use Wolf to find what you need when you need it.

Getting Started

The first step to maximizing your workday is to choose your subscription type and purchase Wolf Flow here. After your purchase is complete, you can easily download the software from our site to install.
Then start creating Sessions to make your workday flow seamlessly.

System Requirements

Currently Wolf operates on the Windows 10 operating system. Are you unsure what operating system you are using? Find out here.
Go here for more information and to select your plan!

Creating your Sessions

Using Wolf is as simple as creating a new workflow or "Session", assigning all the resources you need to complete the task and hitting start. Or you can simply start from scratch hitting the new Session button from the sidebar and opening all the relevant items for your task.
Wolf follows the pack and monitors the state of each active Session making sure you no longer waste time managing your work.