Check out our Intro Video to Wolf Flow here for a brief overview of the software.

Release Notes

Beta Information

The Wolf Flow Beta is offered free to all participants while the Beta period is in effect. All that is requested from Beta participants is feedback & suggestions for future improvements. Wolf Flow reserves the right to end the Beta period at its own discretion and will give reasonable notice to its users that the subscription will be ending. Any questions & feedback should be sent to support@wolfflow.io.

What devices does Wolf operate on?

Currently Wolf only operates on Windows 10 (PCs only). Not sure if you are using Windows 10? Find out here


How do I download Wolf?

After purchasing a Wolf subscription, click "Download App" in the menu bar on www.wolfflow.io. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen.


What would I create a Session for?

You should create a session for any task or segmented work that you need to navigate on a recurring basis. This could be organizing a list of clients, keeping track of monthly reports or even separating out your personal items from your professional workflows. The great thing about Wolf is you get to decide how to organize your workflows so the system works for you, not the other way around.


How do I create a new Session?


Option 1: To create a Session using the Wolf Menu. Click here to watch a tutorial.


Step 1: Click "+ Create new Session" 
Step 2: Type in the "Session Name"  
Step 3: Choose a Session color or add to Favorites if you would like 
Step 4: Select Applications by clicking on the Applications on the right side of the screen. (You can also browse applications on your computer using the link). If you do not know all of the Applications you will need in that Session, just simply select one Application to start with (you cannot create a new Session with no applications).  
Step 5: Click "Create" to stay in the Wolf Menu, or "Create and Start" to navigate to the new Session.  
Step 6: Once in the new Session, you can save new Applications as you go by using the sidebar and click on the save icon in the Active Session.


Option 2: To create a Session using the Sidebar.  Click here to watch a tutorial.

Step 1: Click on the "+" icon on the sidebar. It will automatically direct you to a new Session.  
Step 2: Begin working as usual.  
Step 3: When completed with your work in that Session, click on the "save" or "x" icons in the active session you are currently in. This will prompt you to name and save the Session so you can return to it later. 


How do I edit a Session?

To edit an active Session simply modify the applications or files while in the Session. To rename the Session, close the Session and follow the directions below.

To edit an inactive or closed Session, go to the Wolf Menu > Recent Sessions > click on the pencil icon to edit. From here you can rename the Session, change which resources are saved, or edit the Session color.


What is the "Home" Session?

Your home Session is where you can do simple tasks that you do not wish to save. Nothing in the home Session will be saved. (For example, use the home Session to access Facebook or to read articles that you won't need to return to later). You can access the home Session by clicking on the "home" icon in the sidebar. Currently, you are not able to save Sessions when working in the Home session.


What can I do on the Sidebar?

1. Go to Wolf's menu by clicking on the logo at the top.
2. Go to your "home" Session by clicking on the home icon.
3. Create a new Session by clicking the "+" icon. This will direct you to a new Session where you can begin working.
4. View, close or switch between your active (i.e. open) Sessions.
5. View the Session you are currently in. This Session will be highlighted in dark blue.
6. View and open your recent Sessions.
7. Save your current Session by clicking on the "save" or disk icon.
8. Close your current Session by clicking on the "x" icon.

How do I change where my sidebar is located?

Open the Wolf menu and go to Settings > Sidebar. You can choose to have the sidebar located on the left or the right and have the option to always show your sidebar.


How do I add a Session to "Favorite Sessions"?

Go to the Wolf Menu > My Sessions > locate the Session you want to make a favorite and click on the star icon.


Can I have certain Sessions automatically open when I turn on my computer?

Yes. In the Wolf menu go to Settings > Application Launch > Check "Start Wolf Flow automatically after login to Windows". From here you can turn on the different Sessions you want to have automatically start.


Why do my Sessions not transfer between my two active devices?

Currently the software is only setup to save Sessions remotely on each active device. At this time you are not able to access your different Sessions remotely.


How can I access my Invoices?

To receive your invoice(s), please contact support@wolfflow.io.  

Can I set other applications to launch with Wolf?

Yes. Start by clicking browse applications at the bottom of the Add Application setting and then locate the exe file of the program in the explorer. Then click "Add" in the search window and you're all set!

When opening some applications it brings me to a new window. Why is this happening?

Some applications are built differently allowing for only one instance of it to be open at a time (Slack, Skype, Mail, etc.) We are currently working on a solution to allow for more user control. For now to allow this application to be available in multiple environments please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open up the application (ie Slack).
Step 2: Click on "Task View" on the start bar or press Win+Tab.
Step 3: Locate the application on the screen.
Step 4: Right click on the app > click "Show windows from this app on all desktops".

Why does a new Session open when I click on a hyperlink to a webpage?

At this time, clicking on a hyperlink (ie. to an article that was emailed to you) will pull the link open in the last browser you previously had open. Therefore, if the last browser was open in your previous Session, it will bring you to that Session. We recommend first opening up a browser in the Session you are in before clicking on a hyperlink.

How can I use Task View / Task Manager with Wolf?

We do not recommend using Task View while running Wolf. This may interfere with your active Sessions being managed.

Currently we suggest using Chrome and Firefox for the best results with Wolf.

Still have questions? Email support@wolfflow.io.